New components added to Eaton's range of filter cartridges: Intelligent water filtration

LANGENLONSHEIM, Germany… Increasing demand and challenging conditions – the Filtration Division of energy management company Eaton has developed two new depth filter cartridge ranges and matching cartridge housings that have been designed with the needs of customers in the water filtration sector in mind. The BECO PROTECT® HF HighFlow and BECO PROTECT CL Coreless depth filter cartridges and the matching cartridge housings BECO INTEGRA® CART KHF and BECO INTEGRA CART KCL are available now.

Both depth filter cartridges are ideal for filtration processes in which high flow rates and particle retention capacity are required. For this reason, the BECO PROTECT HF HighFlow and CL Coreless depth filter cartridges are primarily used for pre-filtering and fine-filtering water.

BECO PROTECT HF HighFlow depth filter cartridges boast absolute retention rates of 1, 3, 5 or 10 micrometers, making them ideal for fine filtration. They are made of a pleated, multi-layer, thermally bonded polypropylene filter material (PP), which has an optimized filter area of 4.9 square meters per 40-inch element to ensure high flow rates at exceptional efficiency.

The BECO PROTECT CL Coreless depth filter cartridges enable pre-filtration with absolute retention rates of 5, 10, 20 or 40 micrometers. The depth filter cartridges are wrapped and graded from coarse to fine to ensure a high particle retention capacity. The filter cartridges are 40 inches in size, without end caps and outer support cage. They come with a large-diameter that allows them to achieve high flow rates at low differential pressure.

"We provide each and every customer with detailed, tailored advice so that they can find the perfect solution for every application," explains Hans-Peter Discher, product manager filter media at Eaton's Filtration Division. "For many filtration processes, combining the BECO PROTECT CL Coreless as a pre-filter and the BECO PROTECT HF HighFlow for downstream fine filtration is a good option for reliably and efficiently achieving the desired filtration results," Discher continues.

BECO INTEGRA CART KHF cartridge housings are the perfect addition to the new HighFlow filter cartridge range. They are made of AISI 316L stainless steel and are ATEX certified. The housings are installed horizontally with fixed feet, making them the perfect space-saving solution for areas where height is limited. The maximized filter area of the BECO PROTECT HF HighFlow depth filter cartridges enables efficient filtration with just one filter cartridge in the cartridge housing. The large filter area of 52.7 square feet (4.9 square meters) makes it possible to achieve flow rates of up to 220 gallons per minute (50 cubic meters per hour), which is roughly equivalent to one housing containing 18 standard filter cartridges.

The new BECO INTEGRA CART KCL cartridge housings with an inner stainless steel support cage are ideal for enclosing the BECO PROTECT CL Coreless filter cartridges. The housings are made of AISI 316L stainless steel, boast high flow rates and are ATEX certified as standard. The split dome makes it quick and easy to change the cartridge.

Users in the water sector in particular, who require high flow rates, stand to benefit from these two new, perfectly matched depth filter cartridge systems from Eaton's BECO PROTECT and BECO INTEGRA CART ranges.

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The new BECO INTEGRA CART KHF cartridge housing is ideal for enclosing BECO PROTECT HF HighFlow depth filter cartridges and has been designed to handle high inflow and large volumes when pre-filtering and fine-filtering water.
The BECO INTEGRA CART KCL housing has been developed specifically for use with the wrapped BECO PROTECT CL Coreless filter cartridge and is a great choice for pre-filtration in water applications.