Digitalization. The Internet of Things. The Industrial Internet of Things. Artificial Intelligence. How do these evolving technologies impact the manufacturing world? And how do manufacturers respond to the changing landscape? Zari Venhaus sits down with Ramanath Ramakrishnan, Eaton's Chief Technology Officer to discuss how this digital transformation is giving us new opportunities to advance power management for commercial and industrial companies around the world. 

Key takeaways

  • 01:14 Fundamentally, driving efficiency, reliability and ensuring safety remains the primary focus for power management technology, but digitalization gives us the opportunity to innovate in new ways.
  • 02:26 Not all data is necessary for collection and analysis. Understanding the importance of pulling the right data attributes will help you utilize data science more effectively.
  • 04:44 Edge computing allows for real-time analytics at the source of data collection so you receive more actionable insights.
  • 07:27 Pairing data science experts with electrical and mechanical engineers builds a foundation for innovating power management technologies that meet the needs of industry into the future.

The nature of power management in the 21st century is changing. The Internet of Things doesn't start with the Internet - it starts with the things. And that's what puts us in a unique position in the digital world we're living in.

Ramanath Ramakrishnan, chief technology officer, Eaton