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The Marshall Proving Grounds features five distinct vehicle testing areas including skidpad, oval track, off-road, large grades and small grades. The map and charts below detail our capabilities.  

Zone 1: Lower skid pad

Event Size and Details
Split Mu Basalt Tile 15' x 100' (1,500 sq. ft.)
Concrete Stopping Lane 24' x 500' (12,000 sq. ft.)
Asphalt Surface: South End N/A
Asphalt Surface: North End N/A

Zone 1: Upper skid pad

Event Size and Details
Upper Skid Pad (Jennite) 275' x 530' (145,575 sq. ft.)
Curb Recovery 200' x 6" cement curb
12' wide drop down lane
24' wide upper lane

Zone 1: Hostile course

Event Size and Details
Washboard 12' x 100' concrete lane
Jounce ditches 12' x 260' concrete lane
Water Intrusion Pit 12' x 75' x 4'
Varying Resonance Grooves 12' x 365' concrete lane

Zone 1: Spin pits

Event Size and Details
Outdoor Spin Pit N/A
Spin Barn 6' x 30' split mu concreate/stainless steel

Zone 2: Small grades

Event Size and Details
Concrete Pad 1 12' x 65'
Concrete Pad 2 12' x 65'
Concrete Pad 3 12' x 65'
Cross Ditch (GM Spec) N/A
37% V-Ditch N/A
3/5/10% Grade 15' x 63'
15% Grade 15' x 63'
60% Grade N/A
20% Grade 45’ wide at bottom / 14’ wide at top
33’ flat apron / 110’ actual grade

Zone 3: Oval / infield

Event Size and Details
Paved Oval track 2 lane asphalt (1.6 mile)
Gravel Rally Course Gravel (1.5 mile)

Zone 4: Large grades

Event Size and Details
15% Grade 300' x 21' grooved concrete
8% Grade 500' x 21' grooved concrete

Zone 5: Off-road

Event Size and Details
Pond Route N/A
Swamp Run N/A
Boulder Course N/A
Water Crossing N/A
20% Gravel N/A
5/10/15/20/25/30% Wagon Wheel N/A
60% Grades N/A
Fence road N/A
Double Whammy N/A
Rock Road N/A
Stair Climb N/A
Split Mu Pad N/A
Pea Gravel Lane N/A
Sand Pit (CMV) N/A
Sand Pit (Auto) N/A
Twist Ditch N/A
Woods route Two track
Rock climb/twist ditch run N/A
30% grade exit N/A
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