Energy Advantage Architecture

Eaton helps you increase efficiency, reduce costs and maximize your total cost of ownership through its Energy Advantage Architecture, a suite of UPS operating modes, including Energy Saver System (ESS), Energy Saver System Plus and Variable Modular Management System (VMMS). In the past, 99% UPS efficiency may have not been an option, but today, it is Eaton’s standard. If efficiency is a decision-making criteria for you, take a moment to understand Eaton’s different offerings.

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Energy Saver System (ESS)

ESS is a mode of operation that allows the UPS to provide 99% efficiency across the entire operating range typically down to 20%.

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Energy Saver System Plus (ESS Plus)

ESS Plus features a Harmonic Reduction System (HRS), making Eaton the first and only company to enable large, three-phase UPSs in high efficiency mode to detect and automatically correct load harmonic currents.

Variable Modular Management System (VMMS)

VMMS allows you to load fewer UPS modules heavily than several ones lightly for maximum energy efficiency.