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Rackmount PDU FAQ

There is more to picking a rackmount power distribution unit (PDU) than getting the right number of outlets. Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about rack PDUs.

What is a “U” when measuring an enclosure or PDU?

A “U” or “RU” refers to the unit of measurement for racks, PDUs, and UPS products. Rack unit size is defined by the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA). 1U is equal to 1.75” or 44.45mm. Many rack power distribution units come in 0U (vertical mounting), 1U or 2U (horizontal mounting). 

Will this mount in my enclosure that is made by a different company?

Yes, the Eaton Rack PDU products have universal mounting hardware that will allow it to mount into our competitor’s products. Our tool-less mounting buttons allow the PDUs to seamlessly mount no matter the enclosure. 

How many outlets does a PDU have?

The number of outlets can vary as much as the equipment in your enclosure. Often the number of outlets, or receptacles, on a PDU is dependent on the number of pieces of equipment in an enclosure that need power. It is also suggested that potential future growth should be considered when looking at PDU options. Eaton offers many standard offerings for common output requirements. Horizontal units are limited in the number of receptacles that can be put in the PDU since they are limited by rack width, while the longer, vertical units can offer more receptacles. 

What is the typical lifespan of a PDU?

The estimated lifespan of a PDU is roughly 100,000 hours, but many PDUs can last longer.

Should all my equipment be connected to a PDU?

Yes, PDUs offer the ability to control a single point of conditioned power from the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to the equipment in your rack. 

I have a network and I want to be able to control my PDU. Can I do that with the Eaton rack PDU?

Yes. Our Metered Input PDUs, Metered Outlet PDUs and Managed PDUs, also known as switched PDUs, have a network module that will allow remote management via web or SNMP protocol. Using this in conjunction with our Intelligent Power Management Platform will allow you to have total control of the equipment in your network. 

What is daisy-chaining? What is the benefit of daisy-chaining PDUs?

Daisy chaining is a method of linking PDUs that allows for up to 8 rack PDUs to use the same IP address. This reduces network infrastructure costs and allows you to control several groups of power supplies with a single action. This is available on our Metered Input PDU.

What is the typical warranty?

Our rack PDUs have a standard 24 month warranty, but if you register your product the standard warranty is extended to 36 months. 

Need to register your Eaton product?

Can I replace the network module myself?

Yes. We have detailed instructions along with images in our user manual that tell you how to replace the network module. The module is hot-swappable, which means your outlets will not be affected or change state during the process.

I have an application that requires a lot of receptacles, but I don’t see that in your standard offering. Do you have anything that provides additional outlets?

Yes. We have a High Density rack PDU offering that provides configurable inputs and outputs. With a mix of IEC and NEMA outlets, alternating phases, and up to 54 total outlets the HDMA PDU can be custom configured to fit your needs. 

Can you help me pick out the right options for my equipment?

Yes. Eaton has two resources to help you select the right rackmount PDU for your IT application.

Can you help me pick out the right options for my equipment?

Yes. Eaton has two resources to help you select the right rackmount PDU for your IT application.