Metered rack PDUs: Three ways to improve data center efficiency

Demands on data centers are increasing, while the space and budgets for these facilities stagnates. As data center staff are forced to be more efficient, they turn to metered power distribution units (PDUs). A  metered PDU offers the ability to conserve resources – money, personnel hours and space – at a granular level, freeing up staff to concentrate on more strategic tasks. 

Metered PDUs' resource-saving benefits

1.    Reduce cooling costs.

The cost for regulating a data center’s temperature can eat up an operating budget. Modern hot-air containment solutions help to reduce costs, but the lower operating temperatures for legacy rackmount PDUs mean they can only help so much. Newer metered rack PDUs have a higher operating temperature – up to 140°F/60°C – meaning a big cut to the cooling cost of your facility.

2.      Maximize space

Instead of requiring a dedicated infrastructure rack, a metered rack PDU is designed to utilize space that would otherwise go unused: vertically mounted inside or on the side of a server rack or enclosure. Not all data center PDUs are created equal, though. To make the best use of space, a rackmount PDU should have low-profile circuit breakers and a width optimized for side mounting to avoid interfering with access to hot-swap fans and power supplies.

3.      Prevent accidental disconnects

Downtime caused by a plug getting bumped out of place is an occurrence that happens too often in data centers. Most data center PDUs rely on external clops or cable trays to secure plugs. While those methods of prevention are effective, they require additional time from staff and represent an added cost. Next-generation metered rack PDUs offer built-in IEC outlet grips, which provide the same prevention without the need for proprietary power cords or bulky additions. 

The right metered PDU can provide all these resource-saving benefits. With the money, personnel power and space now available, your data center will be better able to meet changing computing demands.
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