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Plug-on neutral solutions

A complete masterpiece

Your finished install will never look the same again

Behold the masterfully designed BR and CH plug-on neutral portfolio.  The way we see it, any product designed to make your job quicker, easier and cleaner is a thing of beauty. And when the end result looks this good, you’ll want to step back and admire every breaker and loadcenter you install.

BR & CH plug-on neutral loadcenters and circuit breakers

At Eaton, we’re driven by a desire to improve your experience by delivering products as professional as our customers. The BR and CH plug-on neutral portfolio offers advanced features designed to help you improve safety and ease of installation, and reduce your installation time while offering a more professional look and feel.

Eaton's residential roadshow tour

For those about to install, we salute you! Eaton is hitting the road with our Rock & Ride residential roadshow tour showcasing the latest innovative technologies. Visit our event landing page and learn more about the tour, locations and dates.
The BR and CH plug-on neutral loadcenter provides you a labor-saving solution through Eaton’s innovative platforms, and industry-leading technology. The plug-on neutral platform provides you a cost and time saving solution that can significantly reduce installation time.
The plug-on platform delivers you ease of installation with backed out neutral screws and increased gutter space. We also kept in mind safe and easy handling during installation with our enhanced smooth cased edges and self-leveling drywall offset tabs, giving back valuable time in your day.
We understand aesthetics can be an important part of the job, which is why we made unique enhancements that will give a feeling of professional accomplishment when completing your next installation. These enhancements include eliminating the pigtail with our advanced PON breakers, embossed circuit numbers, and a rigid cover spine.

Professional look and feel

The BR and redesigned CH plug-on neutral load center platform eliminates the pigtail connection providing you time and labor savings and a professional look and feel.

A safe and secure connection

The redesigned short-body BR electronic circuit breaker provides maximum gutter space within the loadcenter, operates at cooler temperatures, and provides a secure connection through it's "Rock N Lock" design.

Making your installation easy

Eaton’s industry-first self-leveling drywall offset tabs allow for quick and easy installation while on the job site.