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Accessories and replacement parts for low-voltage switchgear

Modernize and extend the life of Magnum DS low-voltage switchgear with various accessories and common replacement parts including the MRR1000 remote racking and remote operator, the MTK2000 breaker test kit, shutter modules, infrared (IR) windows, switches, lights, handles and other important switchgear accessories.

Switchgear cable lashing just got easier

Meet cable lashing requirements with speed and ease using the cable lashing device which reduces cable lashing time by more than 20 minutes per circuit breaker.

Mitigate arc flash exposure with remote racking

Remain safely outside the arc flash boundary by utilizing the MRR1000 Magnum remote racking device to remotely open, close insert or remove any drawout circuit breaker in the Magnum DS family of air circuit breakers (ACBs).

Test your trip units in the field

MTK2000 Trip Unit Test kit is used to test and verify the pickup levels and time delay settings of a breaker’s trip unit to help ensure proper operation of the breaker for safer and more reliable performance.

Ensure Zone Selective Interlocking is operational

The test kit has a touchscreen interface which enables functional testing of the ZSI system to ensure that the system is operational and providing the expected performance and incident energy reduction.


    DS and DS II Low-voltage switchgear support

    Find replacement DS and DS II circuit breakers for existing DSII low-voltage switchgear.