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  • eLearning Courses: Life safety & MNS

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eLearning courses

Course  Description Run time Link 
A Practical Guide for Fire Alarm Notification This eLearning course guides you through the maze of fire alarm notification requirements set by various code bodies such as NFPA and ANSI as well as ADA. Emphasis is on the harmonization of the various code agencies and legislative actions. You will learn practical applications and understanding of concepts such as spacing requirements, synchronization, and equivalent facilitation.  27 min Launch course
Low Frequency Sounder Codes for Sleeping Room Applications This course provides information on low frequency sounder requirements in both NFPA 72 and NFPA 720 and the latest solutions provided by Eaton. 
49 min Launch course
Voice Evacuation - Steps Ahead
This eLearning course provides a basic understanding in the design of life safety and mass notification systems. Beginning with various code aspects and related impact, particular attention is paid to speaker types and layout practices for effective coverage within a space. Sound Pressure Level (SPL) and dB are discussed with the goal of proper application to achieve an effective working system. Learn about speaker efficiency, wattage taps, and intelligibility. 
42 min
Launch course
SAFEPATH Technical Course The SAFEPATH product line includes the SP40S emergency communications/voice evacuation panel, SPB audio boosters and a number of accessories. The purpose of this eLearning course is to view these accessories and provide technical data, concerning wiring and operation.
31 min
Launch course
SAFEPATH Accessories This eLearning course provides information about Mass Notification Systems as well as the various solutions provided by Eaton. Covered topics include the layered approach provided by Eaton which includes Outdoor Notification (WAVES) and Indoor Notification (SAFEPATH). This course is meant to be conceptual rather than technical.
20 min Launch course
SAFEPATH Audio Boosters Techical Course This course provides the basic information a field installer or technician needs to mount, wire, operate and troubleshoot SAFEPATH Audio Boosters SPB 80/4, SPB-160, and SPB-320. Key features and specifications are also covered as a benefit to specifiers and engineers.
23 min
Launch course
PowerPath Overview This eLearning course provides the basic information a field installer or technician needs to mount, wire, operate and troubleshoot Eaton's PowerPath power supply.
22 min
Launch course
HPSA-7100-R High Power Speaker Array The WAVES eLearning course provides an overview of the HPSA-7100-R High Power Speaker Arrays as well as information on the installation and mounting of these units.   To register for this course, please fill out the electronic enrollment form and select the CNTraining7: HPSA-7100 On-Line Course.
Industrial & Explosion Proof Signaling This eLearning course provides information about code requirements for alarm signaling in hazardous and classified areas. The various Classes, Divisions, and Groups are explained as they relate to hazardous and explosion proof signaling. 30 min
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