B-Line series CoSPEC Specifier Center

Select, view and download engineering data and drawings for Eaton B-Line series products in up to 100 different formats

At Eaton, our goal is to be a leading provider of information and resources to design and engineering professionals engaged in the design, construction, and maintenance of engineered MEP&T facility subsystems globally.  That is why we developed the CoSPEC Specifier Center - a one-stop design resource for B-Line series products. 

CoSPEC is packed with features like the new CAD / BIM / PDMS / Submittal catalog which offers the ability to select and view B-Line series products in 2D and 3D.  Then, with just a couple of  clicks, easily download design content in one of nearly 100 different CAD, BIM, PDMS, and graphics formats. 

As an added feature, proprietary file format outputs are native to the chosen software, which eliminates translation errors and speeds the integration of the content into your project.

With CoSPEC, you can:

  • Select – Pick products you need to download to the unit level
  • View – View your chosen product in 2D or 3D
  • Download – Outputs in CAD, BIM, PDMS, PDF, or graphics output for use on your project.

Get started using CoSPEC today.  Learn more by accessing the CoSPEC guide.