Upgrade your home with Eaton


Let your home be a true reflection of your style.

With Eaton Wiring Devices, you can upgrade your home with stylish, innovative, convenient, protective and energy efficient devices.

toggle switches.jpg
Consider stepping up from standard toggle switches to a decorator or our award-winning Aspire line of devices to add a touch of sense and style.
screwless wallplates.jpg
Available in multiple color options, screwless wallplates enhance interior designs over standard wallplates offering a clean look.
integrated nightlights.jpg
Intergrated nightlights featuring light sensors which turn nightlights ON and OFF. Many verisions are also dimmable allowing adjustability for personal preference.
usb charging devices.jpg
USB charging devices allow for a quick and convenient charging of electronic devices without the need for bulky adpaters.
surge protection devices.jpg
Power surges can damage your valuable electronic equipment. Protect them with surge protection devices. A small investment could be the smartest investment you’ll ever make!
energy saving devices.jpg
Consider energy saving devices such as dimmers, sensors and timers to help maximize energy savings on your utility bill.