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Beaver High Power Lab

The Eaton Electrical Beaver High Power Laboratory (Beaver Lab) is a high power testing facility for the use of Eaton Electrical and outside clients.

The Beaver lab is capable of performing a wide range of electrical tests, including: current interruption, overload, endurance, withstands, temperature rise, thermal and magnetic calibration, vibration, and shock testing.

Typical test samples include molded case circuit breakers, power breakers, contactors, low voltage switch gear, bus duct, fuses, etc.

The laboratory is located 35 miles north west of Pittsburgh in Beaver, Pennsylvania, and only 17 miles from the Pittsburgh International Airport. A dedicated 69,000 Volt power line supplies the power for the lab. The Beaver Lab is organized into two sections: the High Power Laboratory and the Low Power Laboratory.


High Power Lab

The High Power Laboratory uses a three-phase transformer to feed the test circuits. A series of reactors and resistors is used in series with the transformer to provide a wide range of voltage, currents and power factors.

The High Power Lab has one test cell with a maximum capability of 600 Vac up to 100 kA (see capabilities for complete details). The control room is separated from the test cell by a cement block wall. The wall has a series of windows, which allow for full view of the test cell. 

Low Power Lab

The low power lab has multiple transformers which are dedicated to test cells which achieve a wide range of voltages, currents and power factors. There is one test cell dedicated to conducting current interruption tests at a maximum of 600 Vac up to 10 kA. Five other small cells are available for overload/endurance testing up to 3000 A. The lab also has DC capabilities of 250V up to 1500 Amps. In addition to the power capabilities, the lab is also capable of performing other types of testing: shock, vibration, low voltage calibration (AC at various frequencies up to 400 hz and DC), and thermal (at variable ambients).

Test Reports

Test reports are generated from acquired data and given to the customer at the end of testing. It is at the discretion of the customer whether or not the lab maintains a copy of the test report. Test results are kept confidential and are not disclosed to any other parties.


High Power Lab (Short Circuit)

Phase Voltage Current (kA) Max Duration (cycles)
1 & 3 240 < 100 6
1 & 3 480 < 100 6
1 & 3 480 < 150 * .5 *
1 & 3 600 < 100 6
1 & 3 600 < 200 * .5 *
* Current limiting devices only, maximum duration of 1/2 cycle.

High Power Lab (Withstand)

Phase Voltage Current (kA) Max Duration (cycles)
1 & 3 < 600 < 30 30
1 & 3 < 600 < 50 20
1 & 3 < 600 < 65 10
1 & 3 < 600 < 65 6

Thermal and Magnetic Calibration - 10 test stations available

  • AC supply: 6250 Amp continuous, 25,000 Amps pulse (1 phase)
  • AC Supply: 7500 Amp continuous (1 or 3 phase)
  • 10,0000 Amp (< 10 minutes), 15,000 Amps pulse (1 phase)
  • DC supply: 5000 Amp continuous, 15,000 Amps 100msec
  • 400 hz supply: 500 Amp continuous, 1500 Amp pulse (1 or 3 phase)

AC Temperature Rise 

  • 7500 Amp AC Power Supply (Up to 7500 amps, 1 and 3 phase
  • 6250 Amp AC Power Supply (625 to 6250 amps, 1 phase)
  • 2000 Amp AC Power Supply (environmental chamber, 25 to 65°C)
  • 1200 Amp AC or DC Power Supply (environmental chamber –20 to 80°C)
  • 1200 Amp AC Power Supply (environmental chamber 20 to 50°C)
  • 500 Amp AC @ 400hz Power supply (environmental chamber 25°C to 65°C)
  • Data loggers available to record data 

Dielectric Strength

  • Up to 5kV AC 

Shock Test

  • Light weight shock stand (<250 lbs. blows applied to three principal axis, X, Y & Z)

Other Equipment

  • Digital Oscilloscopes
  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Camcorder
  • Environmental Chambers (5 different chambers, various sizes)
  • Multi-function Table: 0-270vac @ 25 – 33 hz, 50 – 60 hz
  • Automatic time-current curve trip generator (1200A max., 25°C to 65°C)
  • Accessory test power supply – 30 Amp, 0 – 750 V AC(50 or 60 hz)/DC
  • Magnetic pulse table – 4000 Amps continuous, 40,000 Amps pulse
  • Vibration table (maximum acceleration 20 g, maximum sample weight 100 lbs.)
  • Light Weight Navy Shock Stand (maximum sample weight 250 lbs)
  • High speed video (up to 2000 frames/second, 12000 frames/second with split frame), 16 mm high speed  movie (up to 7000 frames/second)
  • Forklifts, lift carts, overhead crane

Note: All equipment used to acquire test results are calibrated and traceable to the National Institute of standards and technology. The calibration period for all devices is one year (+/- 1 month).


It is the policy of the Company to provide products and services which meet or exceed customer expectations and delight them by anticipating their needs and requirements.


From the Pittsburgh International Airport

  1. Take PA-60 north towards Moon/Beaver.
  2. Continue on PA-60 north approximately 15 miles to PA-68 East, exit 13A.
  3. Take PA-68 east (becomes 3rd street) to Buffalo Street (first traffic light).
  4. Turn left onto Buffalo Street.
  5. At next intersection, turn left onto 4th Street.
  6. 4th Street becomes Tuscarawas Road at intersection of Georgetown Lane.
  7. Turn left in visitor parking lot.


Schedule a Test

To obtain a quote or schedule test time please contact Rick Pentz at 724-773-1204 or at

Please provide detailed information concerning tests required, test standard, device descriptions, and circuits. The test Lab manager will review the test request to make sure its within the lab capability and schedule test time. 

The laboratories general hours of operation are from 7:30am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday. 

Telephone / Fax
Local - 724-773-1204 
Fax - 724-773-1314

Shipping Address
Eaton Corporation
Beaver High Power Lab
One Tuscarawas Road
Beaver, PA 15009

Mailing Address
Eaton Corporation
Beaver High Power Lab
One Tuscarawas Road
Beaver, PA 15009