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Programmer for addressable fire systems

The addressable programmer device is a versatile tool to aid the installation, commissioning, maintenance and servicing of Eaton's current range of addressable devices and fire systems. 

It features an addressable base on the back of the device alongside two external terminals for use with all other current addressable ancillary devices. The programmer is an essential device for any fire installer's or engineer's toolkit.

No power supply required
Use with Eaton's addressable devices
Easy to use
Simple re-programming of devices

Hand-held with an easy to use interface

The programmer device was designed with simplicity in mind. Its light, robust and easy to operate system makes the unit efficient and user friendly. The unit features an intuitive menu structure on a 2 x 40 LCD display, and is powered from a single PP3 size, heavy duty battery for ease of maitenance and portability. The programmer can also be powered by an external supply.

Making maintenance of your addressable devices even easier

Eaton provides testing equipment to ease the process of installation, maintenance and fault finding and enables the user to carry out the following:

More powerful tools

Designed to take the hassle out of installation, commissioning and maintenance, Eaton's range of addressable fire system accessories and software are essential additions to aid the setup of any system.