Fire detection systems
Graphical visualisation software for addressable fire systems
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Graphical visualisation software for addressable fire systems

Eaton fire graphical visualisation software (EFGVS) is a powerful supervision management tool for Eaton Fire addressable systems.                        

Users can monitor, visualise in 2D and 3D, control and interrogate their systems to ensure alarms are located quickly and dealt with efficiently. Ergonomic and intuitive, EFGVS includes a comprehensive list of advanced features offering the system designer and site supervisor a very efficient tool that ensures all the information and controls they need are available at their fingertips.

Eaton fire software enables 2D floor plan visualisation but also provides a global building 3D view. It delivers alarm information through image and sound notifications but also records all other system events and faults, allowing the generation of comprehensive reports. System control access through EFGVS can be tailored based on local regulations and user credentials.

3D graphics
Easily visualise the site you manage
Access system information wherever and whenever
Customise to suit your requirements

View your fire system in 2D and 3D

With 2D building floor plan visualisation, and 3D visualisation of the building or site that you are managing, you can deal with any issues both quickly and efficiently, with minimum effort.

Supervise a single building or large sites

EFGVS enables the user to monitor Eaton addressable fire systems in single buildings, or throughout large sites. With remote and multi-user access system management has never been easier.

More powerful tools

Designed to take the hassle out of installation, commissioning and maintenance, Eaton's range of addressable fire system tools and software are essential additions to aid the setup of any system.
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