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USB converter for addressable fire systems

The analogue systems panel Interface is a universal serial bus converter that provides conversions from RS232 to USB, TTL to USB or TTL to RS232.

These options provide the connectivity required between a PC and addressable control panels and wireless survey tools. 

Included in the kit is: USBINT2, driver CDROM, USB cable, RS232 cross-over cable and TTL cable.

Easy installation
PC driver installation
Simple configuration
DIP switch configuration

An essential part of any fire system installer's toolkit

With devices that are simple to install and maintain, Eaton's range of addressable USB interfaces ease the process of configuration. Different switch positions and modes are available to provide conversions between Eaton's addressable control panels and survey tools.

Three connections. One converter.

TTL to USB - Survey tool connection

Suitable for wireless survey tool to PC survey tool.

TTL to RS232 - Survey tool connection (serial)

Wireless survey tool connection (serial link). Suitable for wireless survey tool to PC survey tool (no USB available).

RS232 to USB - Panel to PC connection

Suitable for addressable panel to PC site installer.

More powerful tools

Designed to take the hassle out of installation, commissioning and maintenance, Eaton's range of addressable fire system tools and software are essential additions to aid the setup of any system.