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Loop tester kit for addressable fire systems

The loop tester kit is a hardware/software combination that can be used to test, commission and fault find a loop of up to 200 addressable devices (detectors, sounders, ancillary devices), without having to connect the loop to an Eaton addressable fire alarm system control panel. 

Saving potential large amounts of time and as a consequence, money, compared to if a fault were to be identified after a being connected to the live system.

The loop tester is connected between the loop and PC. It allows the engineer to quickly identify and locate any loop device that is operating outside of its operating conditions, by varying the alarm threshold of any loop device (alarm, pre-alarm and fault).

Operate the LEDs of any inputs (detectors / call points)
Event log
Story a history of events from the date the application was started
Set outputs
Control sounders and output modules outputs

Save time and money with an essential part of any installers tools

The loop tester kit acts as a trial run to check if there are any faults on a loop before a system is fitted.

The kit can be used as a convenient way to reassure installers and validate a loop before it gets connected to a live system. 

Find faults fast

The loop tester kit is designed to allow engineers to quickly identify and locate any loop device that is operating outside of its operating conditions. This eases the process of setting up an addressable system, as any faults on a loop are identified beforehand. It enables faults for up to 200 addressable devices to be located simply.

Save time with automatic addressing

The pre-addressing feature on the tester can identify all field devices and determine their address and device type. The panel also automatically assigns a new and potentially different address to every device found on the loop, to save time of inputting any new addresses manually.

Simple status signalling

The panel constantly displays, in real time, the analogue value of all loop devices in order to determine their status. Analogue values of all devices can be interpreted according to ranges, which can be set and altered by the user as 'OK', 'pre-alarm' and 'fire'.

More powerful tools

Designed to take the hassle out of installation, commissioning and maintenance, Eaton's range of addressable fire system tools and software are essential additions to aid the setup of any system.