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Capacitor switches

Eaton's Cooper Power series Edison capacitor and Type NR oil switches are primarily used for switching capacitor currents, but could also be used for inductive applications. The NR switch is motor-operated, whereas the Edison capacitor switch is solenoid-operated. Both switches include an integral operating handle for position indication or manual operation. Specialty applications are available.

Harsh coastal environment application
Field-proven design
Vacuum insulation with low-cost oil option

Core features

  • Switches can be opened and closed by either local or remote controls
  • Switches include hotstick-operated manual trip handle, which also provides visual indication of switch position
  • All switches have optional wildlife protection kits available to prevent contact with wildlife, trees or line crews performing maintenance
  • Produced in ISO 9001- and 14001-certified facilities
  • Supplied with standard 5-pin and 6-pin configurations. Consult factory for other available options

Zero voltage closing (ZVC) with Eaton's Edison capacitor switch

Initiating the switching device to close at the instant of zero voltage difference across the switch reduces transients during operation. Zero voltage closing is an ideal solution for multi-step applications where inrush current and frequency may impact on the system. Eaton’s Edison capacitor switch combined with the Valquest Z-Cap control can be used with any industry capacitor control, including Eaton’s CBC-8000 capacitor bank control, to provide integrated volt/VAR control (IVVC).

Durable and reliable capacitor switching

Eaton’s Cooper Power series Edison capacitor switch features direct drive, permanent magnetic latching solenoid and vacuum interrupting technology, eliminating the need for maintenance with an environmentally friendly gas/foam/oil-free design. By excluding internal cams, linkages, struts, electronic circuit boards and relays, the switch is able to endure severe mechanical operations, thus demonstrating the ability to operate reliably in applications that require a high degree of cycling.

Designed to withstand harsh environments

Eaton’s Cooper Power series Edison capacitor switch is designed and tested to operate effectively in the harshest of environments. Cycloaliphatic epoxy bushings are highly resistant to ozone, moisture, contamination and ultraviolet light. The specialised alternating shed design has improved flashover performance and is designed to IEC 60815 Very High Pollution Severity standard. Fibreglass reinforced polyester tank design prevents corrosion and provides an integrated rain shield and guide for hot stick manual operation.