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Open air capacitor banks

Eaton's comprehensive line of Cooper Power series open air bank solutions are available in externally fused, fuseless or internally fused designs. Each design is custom built in a variety of parallel/series combinations to meet a full range of application needs based on kvar requirements, system voltage, protection strategy and system solutions. Open air banks provide economical and reliable methods for reducing losses and improving power quality.

Engineered-to-order solution
Customised to meet specific application needs
Complete range of accessories
Easy integration
System improvements
Improved power factor and reduced losses

Core features

  • Unfused [(standard-duty (SD), heavy-duty (HD) and extreme-duty (XD)] or internally fused
  • Available with units mounted vertically or horizontally, based on installation conditions
  • Robust, lightweight, welded aluminium frame (steel optional)
  • Frame-integrated lifting provision
  • Externally fused banks available with expulsion or current limiting fuses connected to each unit
  • Compact, relay protected, fuseless banks utilising series string configuration
  • Station-class bus support insulators

Modular construction

Eaton’s Cooper Power series open air capacitor banks use a range of frame structures and bus configurations that can be scaled and configured to meet application needs. These customisable configurations can apply a variety of series-parallel connections and allow for side-by-side or phase-over-phase bank orientation. Modular assemblies can optimise system footprint, reduce installation time and labour and allow for banks to be reconfigured, extended or relocated over time as system demands evolve.

Orientation options meet specific installation needs

Eaton's Cooper Power series open air capacitor banks are available with vertically or horizontally-oriented capacitor units. Vertical orientation results in bushings at right angles with respect to mounting floor. This type of construction is typically used to limit the bank footprint within the substation area and provide additional safety benefits. Horizontal orientation results in bushings being parallel with the ground. This type of construction is typically used when overall height is limited or more than three blocks are being stacked on top of each other. When facing significant height limitation, flat mounting is available.

Robust and reliable structure

Eaton’s Cooper Power series open air bank designs are made with a 6061-T6 aluminium welded frame, delivering a high strength, lightweight and corrosion resistant solution. Frames are analysed by in-house structural engineering and are fabricated in our factory. Frames are also available with galvanised steel construction, most commonly used in exceptionally large banks or to meet application-specific needs. Banks are engineered to meet specific site requirements, including wind, ice, other environmental conditions and seismic-specified loading.