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Motorised bells for conventional fire systems

Eaton's motorised fire alarm bell for conventional fire alarm systems is available in two variants: indoor six-inch bell and weatherproof eight-inch bell. 

Bells remain popular choices for many non-fire applications including schools where it's used to signal class change and in factories to indicate a shift changeover.

Both variants incorporate a highly efficient, rotary centrifugal movements, combining high sound output with low current consumption.

Low current consumption and high sound output
Use as a signal for non-fire purposes
Outdoors variant loud enough to alert entire site

Reliable signalling that's withstood the test of time

Both conventional bells incorporate a rotating hammer which, when activated, produces an effective and reliable ringing tone. A sound output, up to 95dB(A), ensures clear notification is given to the surrounding area.

Instant recognition, for fire and non-fire applications

Fire alarm bells are the oldest of the fire alarm warnings and are still the fire signal of choice in some markets. As bells produce a unique sound that is distinctive and unlikely to be confused with any other alarm which is why they are so popular for just fire but non-fire purposes as well, such as in schools or shift changeover.

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