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PowerXL DE1 variable speed starter

With 14 basic parameters, SmartWire-DT connectivity, and an intuitive configuration module, the MoellerTM series PowerXL DE1 setup and commissioning is easy for any panel builder or MOEM. The DE1 was designed for customers who have basic application but still require variable frequency and advanced motor protection. The PowerXL DE1 allows customers to simplify their design and reduce installation and commissioning time while introducing an innovative solution to their system.

Time savings of up to 70% during commissioning
Wiring based on SmartWire-DT
Time savings up to 80%
Trip-free design
Maximum machine availability

Core features

  • Variable motor speeds
  • Out-of-the-box commissioning, no configuration required
  • Trip-free design for maximum machine availability
  • The easy handling and assembly of a motor starter
  • On-board communications - CANopen
  • Optional communications via Modbus, EtherNet/IP and SmartWire-DT enabled 

Easy configuration with a screwdriver.

In addition to out-of-the-box commissioning, which eliminates the need for any additional configuration, users also have an optional plug-in configuration tool at their disposal. As a result, the most important parameters, such as those pertaining to motor protection and the terminal mode of operation, can be individually adapted to each application – simply by using a screwdriver.

Simplify your processes with the ability to connect to SmartWire-DT.

The variable speed starter comes with an optional SmartWire-DT interface. Our intelligent communication system allows for the quick planning and implementation of simple, streamlined structures. This eliminates the need for any I/O level on the PLC itself. Data transparency further simplifies the diagnostics and maintenance of your system. This in turn reduces the time required for wiring, testing and commissioning.

Quick and easy identification of energy requirements.

By means of the Energy Savings Estimator you can determine the expected energy consumption of your application. The tool will calculate your potential cost and energy savings, and will display them at a glance using a variety of available display options.

PowerXL DE1 Variable Speed Starter

Benefits of a Variable Speed Starter and a Motor Starter combined in one device.

Eaton will support you with all aspects related to energy efficiency.

The ErP Directive and the ever greater degree of machine automation are boosting the demand for variable speed devices, even in simple applications. What does compliance with the ErP Directive mean for you, and how can you make your applications more energy efficient? You will find answers to these and many other questions in our comprehensive white papers and brochures, as well as in our podcast with energy-efficiency experts from Eaton.