VFI Vacuum Fault Interrupter Switchgear
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VFI Vacuum Fault Interrupter Switchgear

Eaton's Cooper Power series VFI vacuum fault interrupter switchgear provides an environmentally preferred, safer and more reliable approach to medium-voltage switching and protection. Additionally, it features dead-front construction and enhanced operating features for added safety, all completely immersed within a sealed, insulated medium.

Resettable vacuum fault interrupter
Immediate service restoration
Deadfront construction
Optimal operator safety
Compact, low-profile
Unobtrusive, flood-resistant design

Core features

  • Envirotemp FR3 or E200 fluid, environmentally-preferred switchgear dielectrics is optional, as well as mineral oil or SF6 gas
  • Eliminates the risk of contaminating the insulating medium with its vacuum switching
  • Improves safety for utility personnel and the general public, with dead-front construction
  • Offers single or three-phase tripping and optional visible-break, as well as grounding switches for added safety
  • Provides a flexible solution for time-current curve coordination, with optional tri-phase electronic control
  • Edison Idea relays are optional to allow enhanced protection and communication functionality 

Improves safety

Deadfront construction provides a higher level of safety for operating personnel. The optional visible-break switch with viewing window verifies an open circuit without removing the cables. Large, easily viewed contacts show the open/close position of the visible-break switch.

Enhanced protection and communication functionality

Edison Idea and IdeaPLUS relays meet all applicable relay standards, including IEEE Std C37.90-2005 and IEEE Std 1547-2003 standards. iDP-210 relay provides multi-function protection elements for one source or tap. iTAP-265 relay provides overcurrent protection for two three-phase taps. iTAP-260 relay provides overcurrent protection for two three-phase taps with independent settings for each phase. Each phase can be independently tripped.

Eliminates increasing government regulation compliance costs

Fire-resistant E200 fluid and Envirotemp FR3 fluid are offered as insulation media options. E200 fluid is fire-resistant biodegradable, polyol ester-based, non-toxic low viscosity fluid with excellent dielectric, thermal and physical properties. The low viscosity characteristic allows it to be used in VFI switchgear down to -30°C. Its fire point is greater than 300°C (572°F), a requirement for less flammable fluids. Envirotemp FR3 fluid does not contain any petroleum, halogens or silicones. It quickly and thoroughly biodegrades in both soil and aquatic environments. The fluid tested non-toxic in aquatic toxicity tests.