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CODESYS software

The CODESYS software is the ideal programming tool for machine and process applications in machine building and system integration. The software is the perfect programming tool for all applications in which a powerful PLC or HMI-PLC with various fieldbus connections is required. All XV/XC controllers from Eaton can be programmed with CODESYS version 2 or 3. The software combines sophisticated technical features and easy handling. In addition, it is the programming system of choice for many manufacturers.

Flexible visualisation:
On site or via mobile devices
comprehensive programming options:
An integrated solution
Suitable for all XV and XC devices from Eaton

Core features

  • Reduced project planning and commissioning times
  • Web visualisation
  • Communication with GALILEO
  • Supports SmartWire-DT solutions
  • The application is structured into several individual runtime programs (multitasking)

Integrated fieldbus configuration

The integrated PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen and SmartWire-DT fieldbus configurators facilitate the fast, intuitive and flexible connection of the devices to your fieldbus of choice. In addition, CODESYS version 3 also offers configurators for Modbus TCP/RTU as well as for EthernetIP and EtherCat.

Flexible visualisation

CODESYS allows users to visualise projects on site, for example via an HMI. In addition, web-based visualisation on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones is also possible. To enable this feature, CODESYS V3 generates HTML5-based pages that can be displayed on any browser. This option is also supported by controllers with integrated web server, such as the XC300 modular controller.

Comprehensive application libraries are available

To facilitate the programming of controllers with CODESYS, Eaton provides ready-made libraries for many applications, which saves time during project planning. These include a control engineering and motion control toolbox as well as communication libraries for UDP, TCP/IP and the FTP server and client.

CODESYS version 3

Compared to version 2, CODESYS 3 offers, among other things, extended language options as well as the possibility to create several PLC programs in one project. It also comes with the option to create new visualisation applications. In addition, web pages are now generated using HTML5, while customer-specific applications can be created by means of a plug-in programming tool.

Select the right software version for your device

Product range  CODESYS V2  CODESYS V3 
XV-102-B/-D/-E…  X 1,2 X 1,2,3
XV-112…  X 1,2  X 1,2,3
XV-152… X 1,2  X 1,2,3
XV-3…  X 1,2  X 1,2,3 
XC-152...  X 1,2  X 1,2,3 
XC-3…    X 2,3
XC-CPU202-…-XV  X 2 X 2,3
XC-CPU201-…-XV  X 2  
XC-CPU121-2C256K  X    

1 = target visualisation

2 = web visualisation

3 = OPC-UA 

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