Safety, security & emergency communications

When it comes to protecting life and property, there’s no room for compromise. Eaton’s products help detect, notify, evacuate and protect against a range of threats in today’s most complex and challenging environments.

DAU500 - All-in-one PAVA system

The DAU500 is all-in-one-box voice evacuation system. The wall mount panel contains a completely integrated voice evacuation system, capable of both standalone (for small systems) and network operation (for larger system expansion).

Powerful and flexible, DAU500 offers flexibility and optimisation for a range of voice applications large or small.


CrystalWay 1m or 2m physical distancing pictograms help customers to fulfill local requirements

Emergency lighting is a lifeline in hazardous situations. It enables the safe, prompt and efficient evacuation of spaces and buildings, not only in cases of blackout caused by power outage, but when sunlight and lighting may still be available.

An effective emergency lighting system also guides people in and around enclosed and open environments, as well as helps them locate safety equipment plus refuge and assembly points.

In most countries, new guidelines ask for a "physical distance" to be maintained between people in particular scenarios. Building owners and safety managers must provide clear visible signage to educate and reinforce.


Did you know voice alarm systems can reduce evacuation time by more than 50%?


Research from the British Standards Association (BSI), shows that those hearing a tone signal takes more than six minutes to evacuate a building with which they are not familiar.

While those hearing a recorded message will be out in around four minutes. Live announcements are even faster at less than two minutes.

Danger, be aware, a change, action... Different beacon colours indicate different messages.


From red through to magenta, colour can be used to indicate different messages and how the viewer should respond.

Sometimes the beacon colour used is dictated by the application, but there are occasions when you can make a choice, so it is useful to know what different colours tend to mean to people.