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Part Numbers

Lamp Rating  Gear Option  Cat No  Weight (kg)   
T8 Triphosphor Lamps Less Lamps  
1 x 36W  High Frequency  CP41ZT 2.1  
  Emergency EBCP41ZT  3  
  Less lamps CP41ZX  2  
2 x 36W  High Frequency  CP42ZT  2.7  
  Emergency EBCP42ZT  3.5  
  Less lamps CP42ZX 2.6  
1 x 58W  High Frequency  CP51ZT  2.3  
  Emergency EBCP51ZT 3.6  
  Less lamps CP51ZX 2.2  
2 x 58W  High Frequency  CP52ZT  3.1  
  Emergency  EBCP52ZT  4  
  Less lamps CP52ZX  3  
1 x 70W  High Frequency  CP61ZT  2.9  
  Emergency EBCP61ZT  4.5  
  Less lamps CP61ZX  2.8  
2 x 70W  High Frequency  CP62ZT  4  
  Emergency EBCP62ZT 5.6  
  Less lamps CP62ZX  3.9  
T5 High Efficiency - C/W Lamps    
1 x 14W  High Frequency  CP114Z  1.3  
2 x 14W  High Frequency  CP214Z 1.4  
1 x 28W  High Frequency  CP128Z  2.1  
  Emergency EMCP128Z  3.9  
2 x 28W High Frequency CP228Z  2.7  
  Emergency EMCP228Z  4.5  
1 x 35W  High Frequency  CP135Z  2.3  
  Emergency EBCP135Z 3.6  
2 x 35W  High Frequency  CP235Z  3.1  
  Emergency EBCP235Z 4  
T5 High Output – C/W Lamps  
1 x 24W  High Frequency  CP124Z  1.3  
2 x 24W  High Frequency  CP224Z  1.4  
1 x 54W  High Frequency  CP154Z  2.1  
  Emergency EMCP154Z  3.9  
2 x 54W  High Frequency  CP254Z  2.7  
  Emergency EMCP254Z  4.5  
1 x 49W  High Frequency  CP149Z  2.3  
  Emergency EBCP149Z  3.6  
2 x 49W  High Frequency  CP249Z  3.1  
  Emergency EBCP249Z  4  
1 x 80W  High Frequency  CP180Z  2.3  
2 x 80W  High Frequency  CP280Z  3.1  
For DALI dimming option, replace part number character Z with DD, e.g. CP52ZT becomes CP52DDT
Emergency versions available with automatic test functionality.
Remote emergency conversion/battery pack  
Crompack 5 Diffuser
Lamp Rating T8/T12  Lamp Rating T5  Cat No  Weight (kg)  Type
1 x 18W  1/2 x 14/24W  CPC21  0.36 Prismatic
    CPD21  0.31 Opal
2 x 18W   CPC22  0.61 Prismatic
  - CPD22  0.52 Opal
1 x 36W  1/2 x 28/54W  CPC41  0.61 Prismatic
    CPD41 0.52 Opal
2 x 36W - CPC42 1.1 Prismatic
    CPD42  0.95 Opal
1 x 58W  1/2 x 35/49W  CPC51  0.76 Prismatic
    CPD51  0.66 Opal
2 x 58W - CPC52 1.37 Prismatic
    CPD52 1.17 Opal
1 x 70W - CPC61  0.85 Prismatic
    CPD61  0.73 Opal
2 x 70W - CPC62  1.62 Prismatic
    CPD62  1.39 Opal
Coupling Strap         
  Cat No  Weight (kg)  
All single lamp width diffusers  CDC1  0.04    
All twin lamp width diffusers  CDC2  0.08    
Crompack 5 Reflectors and Guard    
Lamp Rating Cat No Weight (kg)   
Standard Reflector with Wire Guard for T8 Lamps  
1 or 2 x 36W  CR4  1.45 Standard Reflector 
  CRG4  1.11 Standard Wire Guard
  CRA4 1.65 Angled Reflector
  CRGA4 1.05 Angled Wire Guard 
1 or 2 x 58W  CR5 1.79 Standard Reflector 
  CRG5 1.29 Standard Wire Guard
  CRA5 2.06 Angled Reflector
  CRGA5  1.31 Angled Wire Guard 
1 or 2 x 70W  CR6 2.05 Standard Reflector 
  CRG6  1.47 Standard Wire Guard
  CRA6  2.4 Angled Reflector
  CRGA6  1.5 Angled Wire Guard 
Standard Reflector with Wire Guard for T5 Lamps  
1 or 2 x 28/54W  CR4T5 1.45 Standard Reflector 
  CRG4  1.11 Standard Wire Guard
  CRA4  1.65 Angled Reflector
  CRGA4  1.05 Angled Wire Guard 
1 or 2 x 35/49/80W  CR5T5  1.79 Standard Reflector 
  CRG5 1.29 Standard Wire Guard
  CRA5 2.06 Angled Reflector
  CRGA5  1.31 Angled Wire Guard 
Luminaire Lamp Rating  Cat No Weight (kg)  Luminaire Lamp Rating
Direct Mount Wire Guard for T5 and T8 Lamps  
1 x 14/18W  CPG21  0.45 2 x 14/18W  Single Wire Guard 
  CPG22  0.5 2 x 14/18W  Twin Wire Guard 
1 x 28/36/54W  CPG41 0.75 2 x 28/36/54W  Single Wire Guard 
  CPG42 0.75 2 x 28/36/54W  Twin Wire Guard 
1 x 35/49/58/80W  CPG51  0.91 2 x 35/49/58/80W  Single Wire Guard 
  CPG52  1.15 2 x 35/49/58/80W  Twin Wire Guard 
1 x 70W  CPG61  1.05 2 x 70W  Single Wire Guard 
  CPG62  1.32 2 x 70W  Twin Wire Guard 
Crompack Rack Reflectors      
Lamp Rating  Cat No  Weight (kg)     
Rack Reflector for Single/Twin T5 Lamps, Single T8 and Twin T8 Lamps
1 or 2 x 35/49/80W  RLR51B 1.7    
1 x 58W  RLR51B  1.7    
2 x 58W  RLR52B  1.73    
1 x 70W  RLR61B  1.77    
2 x 70W RLR62B  1.8    

Technical specification

Crompack 5
Lamp and Control Gear Option • Triphosphor 18W, 36W, 58W and 70W, T8 fluorescent 4000°K - G13 cap
• 14W, 28W, 35W (HE), 24W, 49W, 54W and 80W - (HO) T5 fluorescent, 4000°K - G5 cap
• High frequency control gear as standard
• DALI dimming options
Materials • Body - rigid steel channel, powder coated in RAL9016 white finish
• End cap - injection moulded, colour matched to body
Installation Notes • Suitable for direct fix, trunking, conduit or chain suspension
• BESA entries (except 14/18/24W). Central and at 600mm fixing centres
• End cable entry only on T5 14/24W versions
• Keyhole slots for screw fixing at 600mm centres (14/24W - 435mm,18W - 525mm)
• Can be continuously mounted, aligned using interlocking end caps
• 20mm knockout in end caps
• Angled 2 x 2.5mm2 terminal block
• All versions are high power factor corrected (except 18W)
• Supplied complete with lamps or less lamp as required
• 80W must not be used with diffusers and emergency versions of 80W must have reflectors fitted
Options • Intelligent light and energy management options (refer to controls guide on page 343
• Fully integral emergency conversion (18W is fully remote, 28/54W have remote batteries), 3 hour duration
• Intellem and EasiCheck self-test emergency versions available
• Suitable for use on defined escape routes, batten only and all reflectors or wire guards
Specification To specify state: Linear batten luminaire, manufactured from rigid rolled steel channel profile, with high quality, durable post coat powder paint finish and secure, screw fixed cover plate, as Eaton’s Crompack 5 range, part no. ________
Crompack 5 Diffuser
Materials • Prismatic controller - UV stabilised styrene with side and base prisms in clear or opal material
• End cap - injection moulded, colour matched
Installation Notes • Support device fits onto cover plate via keyhole slot design
• Anti-lift design to prevent rattling or displacement of diffuser
• End caps push fix onto diffuser
• Use coupling strap for continuous mount applications
Specification To specify state: Clear prismatic controller/opal diffuser, constructed from long life UV stabilised styrene and attached to batten using quick fix support device with anti-lift design feature, as Eaton’s Crompack 5 CPC/CPD range, part no. ________
Crompack 5 Reflectors and Guard
Materials • Reflector - sheet steel, powder coated in RAL9016 white finish
• Wire guard - heavy gauge welded steel, powder coated in white finish
• Clips and brackets - zinc plated steel
Installation Notes • Reflectors replace cover plate on T8 luminaires (not T5), attached quickly via keyhole slots
• Wire guards hinge down for rapid, easy maintenance
• When fitted with direct wire guards or reflectors with wire guards, Crompack battens cannot be continuously mounted
Specification To specify state: Sturdy steel reflector and tough, welded and hinging wire guard, with high quality, durable post coat powder paint finish, as Eaton’s Crompack 5 CR/CRG/CPG range, part no. ________
Crompack 5 Rack Reflectors
Materials • Reflector - high reflectivity, semi-specular anodised aluminium
• Clips and brackets - zinc plated steel
Installation Notes • Reflectors attached quickly via bracket with keyhole slots
• Can be continuously mounted
• Easy to clean, high quality reflector material
Specification To specify state: Rack lighting reflector in high purity, high reflectance, semi-specular anodised aluminium, as Eaton’s Crompack 5 RLR range, part no. ________
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