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M2L integrated power distribution system | Eaton

Eaton offers power distribution products for medium- and low-voltage levels. The M2L electrical distribution system combines medium-voltage switchgear, dry-type transformers and low-voltage distribution into a complete factory assembled solution. This turnkey system offers significant benefits in terms of investment and operations for installers and end customers.

Medium-voltage switchgear
3.6 - 24 kV
Dry-type transformer
up to 5 MVA
Low-voltage switchgear
up to 6300 A

Core features

  • Minimise expensive low-voltage cables
  • Limit power loss in the cables
  • Limit assembly costs
  • Lower building cost - only one technical room needed
  • Very short assembly time
  • Tested in the factory and on site

A custom-made solution with reliable components

Eaton's M2L integrated power distribution system combines medium-voltage switchgear, dry-type transformers and low-voltage switchgear in a single line-up with separately accessible housing. The system is prefabricated under controlled conditions at Eaton's assembly facilities and can be installed and connected at the construction site with minimal effort.

Save money and effort

Using the M2L system allows the transformer to be placed closer to where the power is needed, shortening the length of expensive low-voltage cables and busbar systems.  A slightly longer medium-voltage cable is sufficient. The power loss in medium-voltage cables is significantly lower compared to low-voltage cables, which leads to lower overall operating costs. 

In addition, there is no need for multiple technical rooms. The M2L system can be installed in a general switch room, making it easy to implement it in a factory, basement or landing. 

A proven, safe solution

The M2L system is manufactured, pre-assembled and tested in an ISO 9001 / 14001 / 45001 / 50001 / 22301 certified production facility. On average, it only takes two working days to set up and test the system on site. The installation of the transformer, medium-voltage connection, and low-voltage distribution is fully guaranteed and certified by Eaton when performed by Eaton's service engineers.
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