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xComfort ECO

xComfort ECO is a surface- or flush-mounted compact IP40 distribution enclosure for residential and commercial applications. In addition to an extensive range of 15 different enclosure sizes (from 5 MU to 54 MU), the series is designed and tested according IEC/EN 62208 and can thus be used for projects in accordance with IEC/EN 61439-3. 

The series includes a version made entirely of ABS plastic material that comes with a transparent or opaque window, and thanks to the IP40 degree of protection safe operation is guaranteed. These products are typically used in hotels and residential construction projects where a high degree of product diversity is required. In combination with Eaton's established range of modular switching and protection devices and our innovative xWired online configurator, the series offers the perfect solution for your application.

Degree of protection
IP40 (IK05)
flush- or surface-mount
Protection class
II, totally insulated

Core features

  • Large enclosures with 1 to 3 rows, 12 and 18 module units
  • Mini enclosures with 5 and 8 module units
  • 125 mm distance between rows
  • Surface-mounted or flush-mounted versions are available
  • Transparent or opaque window
  • Neutral and protective conductor with solid screw-type terminals
  • DIN rail made from galvanized sheet steel

Modular components - offering greater safety, quality and versatility

Eaton offers a comprehensive range of high-quality circuit breakers, giving installers everything they need for easy installation or expansion of power distribution systems. Thanks to the intelligent configuration of the protective switchgear inside the enclosure, the power circuit can be safely switched off in the event of a fault.

Pre-wired final distribution boards - the choice is yours!

Select the right devices for your residential and light commercial project from a variety of standardized components and empty enclosures. Eaton provides you with all the technical information you need to create the design verification according to IEC/EN 61439-3 yourself. Alternatively, you can also choose a pre-wired final distribution board. In this case, Eaton will provide you with a documentation package including a detailed design verification. Focus on the essentials and let Eaton take care of the rest.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Slim design
  • Wide assortment:
    5, 8, 12, and 18 MU 1-row,
    24, 36 MU 2-row and
    36 and 54 MU 3-row options

Standards are our strength

Eaton's ECO empty enclosure meets the requirements of the IEC/EN 62208 standard and is therefore approved for use in low-voltage assemblies according to IEC/EN 61439-3.

Proven design

Thanks to its streamlined and simple design, the xComfort ECO series has been a proven component in residential constructions for many years.

Versatile compact distribution boards for your hotel projects

Surface-mounted or flush-mounted, with large or small enclosures, the xComfort ECO series offers the perfect solution for virtually every hotel room. Discover the incredible variety of xComfort ECO.
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