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Eaton's power systems engineering services will identify potential arc flash risks

Protect against electric arc hazards in power distribution networks

Compliance with European safety standards does not automatically prevent arc flash incidents; despite the implementation of intrinsically safe equipment and working on de-energized equipment.

The majority of arc flashes usually take place during or immediately after work on an electrical installation; and are therefore often a result of a human action. To protect against the risk of an arc flash it is important to understand what the 'worst case' scenario could be to both employees and the ongoing continuity of your business.

Based on IEC and IEEE standards, Eaton's tailor-made Arc Flash Hazard Analysis will:

  • Identify potential hazards within the electrical network
  • Quantify the arc flash risk
  • Provide recommendations to prevent an arc flash
  • Propose a selection of options to mitigate the risk of an arc flash
  • Offer improved working methods to minimize employee risk
  • Propose practical training for personnel who operate and maintain electrical equipment

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