SUM5 Frequently Asked Questions

Does the MTL SUM5 have approvals for mounting in a marine environment?

Eaton have a test schedule for gaining marine approvals on the MTL SUM5.  Please discuss specific requirements with MTL product line who will advise on timescale for gaining these approvals. Contact them at

How can spare cables be managed with MTL SUM5?

Spare cables can be connected to the terminals in the MTL SUM5 base. These four terminals can be connected together and to ground with the MTL4-GND module. When the spare cables need to be put into use, the MTL4-GND module is removed, MTL SUM5 isolator or pass though module inserted, the channel configured an put into use without moving cables within the marshalling cabinet, eliminating the risk of causing connection issues on an operating process.

What additional certifications are planned?
  • US and Canadian IS approvals for connection into Class I, Div 1 & Class I Zone 0: SGS approval to UL 913, CSA-C22.2 No. 60079-0 and CSA-C22.2 No. 60079-11
  • US and Canadian approvals for ORDINARY LOCATIONS: SGS approval to UL 61010-1 & CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1-12
  • EAC for Russia
  • ATEX and IECEx approval for mounting in Zone 2 hazardous area Ex ec to IEC 60079-7

Other approvals are planned, please contact Eaton at

What DIN rail types can be used with MTL SUM5 carriers?

MTL SUM5 carriers are designed for mounting on IEC/EN 60715 TS-35 x 7.5 and TS-35 x 15 top hat DIN rail.  TS-35 (35 mm wide rail is the industry standard.  Most existing and new design of DIN rail mountable components incorporate this footprint.  The TS-35 is available in two profiles:

  • "Standard" 7.5mm height - suitable for the majority of applications and is the most cost effective
  • "High Hat" 15mm height - suitalbe for heavy components such as large PLCs, transformers, contactors, drives, power supplies, etc.  The 15mm high rail provide added strength and durability

In addition to IEC/EN 60715 compliant 1mm thick DIN rail, MTL SUM5 supports 1.5mm thick DIN rail.

MTL SUM5 carriers do not support C section or G section rails.

Will MTL SUM5 be available with spring clamp terminals in addition to the screw terminal version that has been released?

Yes MTL SUM5 base with spring clamp terminals is in development.  Please discuss specific requirements with MTL product line who will advise on timescale for release. Contact them at

Where is the cold junction sensor?

The standard MTL4-BxIS and MTL4-BxGP terminals have integrated cold junction sensors close to the base terminals.

Where is the isolator configuration held?

The isolator configuration is held in EPROM within the MTL4-BxIS or MTL4-BxGP base terminals.  So if an isolator is replaced it will operate with the configuration for the channel.  A backup configuration is also held in the isolator module which can be used to copy a configuration to any unconfigured base terminal.

Can HART pickoff be provided?

A HART connector can be provided on the Carrier to take the HART signals to an MTL485x HART multiplexer.

Are there any restrictions on orientation in the Cabinet for SUM5?

Generally no, but for installations with ambient >60C the carriers must be mounted horizontally.

How is a higher output power for solenoid valves set up when MTL4-LINKIS is plugged into a MTL4-BSIS terminal base?

The MTL4-LNKIS plug bypasses a safety resistor in the output connection to the field terminals.  This reduces the resistance in the loop therefore providing more power to the field device, if suitably certified.  HART will still be available if used on analogue loops.

Will it be possible to combine MTL4-BSISR modules on the same backplane with MTL4-BSIS modules?

Yes, any mix of IS  terminal bases is allowed.

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