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Medium-voltage mining circuit breakers

Eaton's W-VACi-MB mining circuit breakers are designed to protect transformers, capacitor banks, motors, busbar sections and cables. Featuring IEC ratings of 17.5 kV, they reliably switch normal load currents and high-stress fault currents. Compact circuit breakers are sealed, keeping out dust and contaminants prevalent in a mine environment, which extends the life of the circuit breaker and reduces maintenance time and costs. No external arcing enhances mining safety.

Compact footprint
Space saving design
Long equipment life

Core features

  • Meets or exceeds electrical and mechanical requirements.
  • Global solutions for 50 Hz and 60 Hz.
  • Tested mechanically and electrically at ISO 9001-certified factory.
  • Free of hazardous SF6 gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect and associated climate change.
  • Endures much greater opening and closing under fault conditions than open air contact devices, providing longer equipment life in harsh environments.
  • Requires little maintenance other than routine inspections, keeping costs down.
  • Vacuum interrupter is sealed in epoxy resin, which protects it from mechanical impact and climatic conditions such as moisture, humidity and dust.
  • Well-suited for conditions such as high altitude, light shock, vibration and high ambient temperature.

A leader in VI technology

Eaton is an industry leader in vacuum interrupter innovation for more than 100 years. Using solid dielectric insulation technology, the vacuum interrupter is encapsulated in epoxy resin providing durability in harsh enviromments.

Unmatched reliability, efficiency and safety

Eaton’s medium-voltage mining circuit breakers provide you a long and reliable equipment life, a compact design when space is at a premium, and cost savings with reduced maintenance.

W-VACiMB Mining Breaker

Eaton’s mining circuit breakers (W-VACi-MB) offer reliable circuit protection