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TDC180 Fuse

1/4" x 1" cylindrical British plug top fuse available in current ratings from 1 A to 13 A is designed for domestic use according to BS1362. To be fitted into domestic BS1363 plug top to conform with the requirements of the Plug and Socket Safety Regulations 1995.  Eaton is the owner of the United Kingdom Patent No GB2410626B for this product.

TDC180 Fuse

Technical data sheets

TDC180 Fuse data sheet

BSI and IEC Certified
United Kingdom Patent No GB2410626B
1 A to 13 A, 240 Vac

1/4" Ferrule fuse product aid

Eaton's Bussmann® Series of 1/4" fuses include a complete line of both fast-acting and time-delay options, in both low-breaking glass, and highbreaking ceramic constructions.