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FD60 Autotransformer - EPCT Fire

The FD60, type EPCT Fire Controller utilizes an auto-transformer that is inserted in the power supply to the motor to reduce the voltage at the motor terminals and to provide a smooth acceleration. The main contactor by-passes the autotransformer after a short acceleration time and applies full voltage to the motor terminals. Starting line current is 47% of the across-the-line starting inrush (approximately 280% of rated full load amperes).

FD60 Autotransformer - EPCT Fire


7” Color Touchscreen

  • 800x480, high resolution display
  • Fast processor reduces input lag
  • Simplified tab system makes navigation and programming easier

USB Port

  • Downloads history, statistics, configuration, diagnostics, and startup files
  • History can log up to 65,000 events
  • Upload configuration to reduce programming time
  • Update firmware

Optional Boards

  • Relay board provides four (4) One Form-C programmable output relays
  • MODBUS board provides output communication via RS422 or RS485
  • Secondary 4-20mA device board provides additional connections for external pressure transducers, temperature sensors, etc.
  • Alarm board provides a supervisory powered alarm outputs
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