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XTJL Jockey Lite Pump Controllers

The JOCKEY Lite jockey pump controllers operate across-the-line, where full voltage is applied to the motor for starting by the use of a single motor starter. Starting inrush current is approximately 600% of rated full load amperes. They are equipped with a mechanical pressure switch and a Hand-Off-Auto selector switch to control the operation.

XTJL Jockey Lite Pump Controllers


  • Circuit Breakers
    XTJL Jockey Pump Controllers incorporate Eaton Combination Motor Controllers, which combine the circuit breaker and overload in one device.
  • 120V Control Power Transformer
    All Jockey Lite pump controllers are wired with a 120V control power transformer as standard.
  • Dual Setting Pressure Switch
    A dual setting 15-290 PSI pressure switch is used to sense a drop in pressure which actuates the jockey pump contactor. The setting adjustment screws are used for setting the pressure range and differential. There is one set of form-C output contacts rated at 10A.
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