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SPI Active front end variable frequency drives

Demand more energy savings.

The SPI series of variable frequency drives are bidirectional DC-fed power inverters for the supply and control of AC motors. The inverter is supplied from a common DC bus drive lineup. A charging circuit is needed in case a connection to a live DC bus is required. The DC side charging circuit is integrated up to 75 kW (FR4–FR8) and external for higher power ratings (FI9–FI14).

SPI Active front end variable frequency drives

Core features of the SPI active front end VFD

  • Ease of use: Startup Wizard, customizable software, advanced capabilities and inputs, local/remote button, modular design, text display 
  • Space-saving design: Compact modular expandable design
  • Efficiency: Bidirectional/regenerative energy savings capabilities
  • Rugged and reliable: Same reliable control module and operating system as SPX, shared components for inverter and Active Front End for reduced spare

Get up to speed on the latest energy management techniques for your application

Download the white paper to better understand available options for managing system energy consumption.

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