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B-Line series group metering

Eaton offers group meter mains and group meter sockets that provide important benefits in light commercial and residential applications. For example, the Eaton B-Line series group mains and sockets handle up to six tenant meters. Each unit contains multiple meter sockets in a single enclosure or connected enclosures that can be installed as a multi-tenant metering device in one location. As a result, B-Line series meter mains and sockets deliver space-saving and cost-effective energy tabulation systems.

B-Line series group metering

Powerful theft protection

A solid metal barrier separating the
meter socket and tenant main breaker
and wireway sections protects an
unmetered bus.

Simple, fast installation

Factory-installed mounting features
make it easy.

Easy access for maintenance
and repair

Separate covers make it easy to reach
the tenant breaker and wireway section.

Work on breakers or in the wireway can
proceed without disturbing meters or
meter covers.

Codes and certifications

UL listed, Eaton B-Line series group meter
mains and sockets are suitable as service
equipment and are in compliance with the
service and electrical requirements of

Group meter mains

Most often used in light commercial applications, such as strip malls, office complexes and industrial parks, group meter mains can include a safety socket or lever bypass. As part of meter packs, mains help create a self-contained assembly with a utility termination compartment for incoming cables. This configuration makes a meter pack an excellent solution for residential applications, such as apartment complexes, duplexes and triplexes.

Group meter sockets

B-Line series group meter sockets offer a highly flexible, modular approach to metering. Used primarily in light commercial applications, they can include test bypass and jaw release. Other commercial stacks use meter sockets with a test bypass feature that meets EUSERC electrical requirements. In residential applications, B-Line series group meter sockets offer modular metering that allows for as many sockets as needed. These stacks can be ordered with any main device (MTB, MCB, MFS or BPS) for main disconnect or electrical protection.

Ring versus ringless style metering

Electrical meter socket enclosures are classified into two categories; ring or ringless. Explore the distinction between the types of metering, how to install the correct type of meter mount and safety procedures for the ring type unit.
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