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CH Load Centers

Eaton’s CH 3/4-inch load centers enclose CH circuit breakers for power distribution and circuit protection in residential and light commercial applications. Also called a breaker box, electrical box or even a fuse box, the main function is to take electricity supplied by the utility and distribute it throughout the home to feed lights and receptacles. They are used on services providing no more than 240 Vac and are available with bus rated 40-600A. Covers are available as surface, flush or combination. 

CH Load Centers
Easy & quick installation
Plug-on neutral design
Limited lifetime
Unique sandalwood finish

Professional look and feel

The redesigned CH plug-on neutral load center platform eliminates the pigtail connection providing you time and labor savings and a professional look and feel.

Be surge ready

Eaton's CH surge load centers are fully integrated devices that protect against surges with a factory-mounted and wired surge suppressor device that lets users view status indication lights as it helps protect sensitive home electronic equipment.

Superior conductivity

Eaton's CH load centers offer a one-piece silver-flashed copper bus, providing you superior conductivity, corrosion resistance and durability.

Core features

  • Lifetime warranty on all CH load centers and circuit breakers.
  • One-piece silver flash plated copper bus provides superior conductivity throughout the entire product line.
  • Plug-on neutral design provides time and labor-savings by eliminating the pigtail.
  • Steel backpan provides positive, reliable mounting.
  • CH 150-225 ampere main breakers are rated 25 KAIC providing contractors with the highest interrupting rating main breaker in the industry.
  • Unique sandalwood finish provides an aesthetically appealing, scratch resistant powder coating.
  • CH breakers include an industry exclusive "trip to off" feature that allows a homeowner to easily identify a tripped circuit breaker.
  • Mechanical flag feature on CH breakers for easy trip indication.

Industry-leading circuit protection

Eaton's CH AFCI circuit breakers offer industry-leading LED diagnostic technology to help reduce troubleshooting and maintenance. Eaton's CH plug-on neutral circuit breakers provide time and labor savings by improving wireway access and eliminating the pigtail.


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