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Current transformer metering

Eaton's B-Line series current transformer  metering product line includes CT rated meter sockets, CT enclosures, CT mounting bases, combination CT enclosure / meter sockets, test switches and transockets that are designed to meet customers’ needs in a variety of applications, and are suited for many utility specifications. 

Current transformer metering

Current transformer rated meter sockets

Eaton offers both single meter sockets either with or without  a test switch provision.  Both are equipped to receive ANSI C12.10 watt-hour meters in overhead and underground feeds. Meter sockets with test switch provision include the test switch section under separate cover.  

All CT rated meter sockets come equipped with test switch perch or can be purchased pre-wired and tested according to your local utility's specifications to save on both time and labor investments.


Current transformer enclosure

CT enclosures include provisions for both donut and bar type current transformers.  Units can be purchased with CT mounting bases and wire lugs pre-installed.  Donut type current transformers are installed around a conductor with no primary winding.  Bar type current transformers include a permanent bar that operates as the primary conductor.

Current transformer mounting bases

Bar type current transformer mounting bases are ½” studs on 1-3/4” centers, and are rated for 400 amp to 800 amp service for use with Eaton CT rated enclosures and ANSI C12.11 bar type current transformers.   For 600 amp applications, use 800 amp current transformer mounting base.

As an alternative to wood panel cabinets, which require individual assembly and loading of each phase, the CT mounting bases offer increased cost savings through the correct spacing and mounting within the  CT enclosure. 

With the B-Line series mounting base, only one drop attachment is required, in comparison to affixing up to eight items using traditional panel-based mountings. 


Combination current transformer enclosure and meter sockets

Eaton offers CT enclosures with lift-off covers or with hinged, lift off doors to house ANSI C12.11 current transformers.  The unit includes pre-installed meter socket, a test switch perch, and provisions to install model 6019/6067 CT mounting bases.

In comparison to sourcing and installing separate components in multiple enclosures and purchasing multiple products, the Eaton B-Line series combination cabinets provide both a cost and space savings by consolidating the meter socket and CT enclosure.

Test switches

B-Line series test switches offer utility specific arrangements that supply power phase balancing and power factors at point of entry location. 

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