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Integrated Power Assemblies (e‑house)

Eaton’s integrated power assembly (IPA) is a fully customizable, prefabricated e-house that contains Eaton's industrial control and power distribution equipment. Eaton manages everything from the design to the construction to the quality inspection of the power distribution center offering a flexible and streamlined process which is  significantly more cost-effective than on-site construction.

IPA main photo
Power distribution & control
Integrated equipment
Controlled schedule
Cost-effective solution

Core features

  • Metal house construction including galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum with specialty constructions such as concrete and blast-resistant available
  • Welded I-beam foundation for internally-mounted electrical components, enabling either pier-mounted or pad-mounted installation
  • Equipment skid designs available
  • Multiple U.S. manufacturing locations for strategic and fast delivery
  • End-to-end project management capabilities for the construction of the electrical control building, as well as site supervision to the installation and configuration of the equipment

Eaton IPA: turnkey e-houses you can rely on

After reviewing your project specifications, our engineers can provide recommendations that can lower your costs, enable an easy installation process and minimize complexity. The engineering and construction process of the IPA maximizes convenience, minimizes risk and reduces total cost of ownership. Eaton assumes single source responsibility for the entire process, further reducing your risk.

Building an Integrated Power Assembly

Follow the production process of an Eaton IPA from design to installation

Convenient plug and play design for data centers

A true plug-and-play power solution that can be set into a designated location, the skid design offers maximum convenience, efficiency and ease of installation. A highly effective power control room for indoor or outdoor application which eliminates the need for building a foundation or pouring a housekeeping pad.

Testing Under One Roof

Maintain speed to startup with a coordinated factory witness test where you can make minor adjustments in a factory-controlled environment with knowledgeable support staff.

Eaton’s Electrical Engineering Services and Systems

With more than 1,500 experts in 60 locations throughout Canada and the U.S., and more around the world, Eaton’s Electrical Engineering Services and Systems team is one of the largest and most experienced service organizations in the industry.

Integrated Power Assemblies comparison tool

Integrated power assemblies (IPA) are prefabricated electrical assemblies offering a fully customizable and factory-integrated solution for electrical control and power distribution. IPAs integrate multiple pieces of electrical equipment into an enclosure or skid and can be designed for stand-alone construction. These prebuilt power systems increase project productivity by helping to shorten timelines, simplify project management and reduce installation time and cost. Compared to customary brick and mortar construction, these prefabricated assemblies are often the most economical choice to meet project demands. Integrated power assemblies are available in different construction types. Use this tool to compare the characteristics and benefits of select construction types to see if which can meet the demands of your application.




Metal enclosure

Precast concrete house

Electrical skid 

Wind load rating Standard 120 mph, available up to 160mph Standard 150 mph Rated per the specification of the equipment used
Seismic Built to IBC requirements Standard seismic zone C
Ballistic resistance Level 1-8 Standard N/A
Corrosion resistance Saver duty paint, stainless steel, hot dipped galvanized, aluminum Standard Rated per the specification of the equipment used
Fire Rating Available up to 2 hours up to 2 hours Rated per the specification of the equipment used
Exterior Finishes 
Electrical houses can be constructed with exteriors that provide better aesthetics. Sometimes there are requirements to match existing buildings such as brick veneer for a University.   In some cases, the IPA is painted a specific color to blend in with environmental surroundings.
Painted steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brick, exposed aggregate, split block and stucco Brick, fiberglass, stucco, split block Equipment specific
Raised floor
Typical cable management utilizes conduit or cable tray.  An alternative for control cable management and maintenance is to use a raised floor.
Available option    
Foundation type
Easily facilitates access for bottom cable entry. When used as a control room, an elevated pier offers better visibility to the operation. When the IPA is in a potential flood zone, this keeps the cabling at a safe distance avoiding potential damage in the event of a flood. 
Elevated piers, vault/ring wall, pad, gravel Elevated piers, vault/ring wall, pad, gravel Elevated piers, vault/ring wall, pad, gravel
Achieves a smaller footprint to fit existing available space.  Two-story IPAs also allow vertical integration such as for a control room to be installed above the equipment room. 
Available option    
Removable roof 
An IPA with a removable roof enables access through areas with low shipping clearances. 
Available option    
Classified areas
Some applications may require the IPA to be located in a classified area, such as where explosive gases are present. 
Available option Available option  
Extended Base
Having an e-house with an extended base creates a fully integrated power assembly of indoor and outdoor equipment (i.e. MVS & Transformer). It facilitates coordination of equipment outside the building with the equipment inside the building and arrives at job site ready to startup, reducing site work and construction of concrete pads. Relocating transformers to the outside of the building can reduce heat load inside the building. The extended base can also create a working platform outside of IPA. 
Available option Available option Available option
Standard Roof Warranty 1 year 10 year NEMA 3R

Typical industries 

Oil & Gas X X  
Commercial Construction X X  
General Industrial X    
Institutional  X    
Government  X    
Mining  X    
Healthcare  X    
Pulp & Paper X    
Utility  X   X
Water / Waste Water X X  
Data Centers X   X
Alternative Energy X   X