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SC9000 EP medium-voltage variable frequency drive

Eaton’s SC9000 Encapsulated Powerpole (EP) variable frequency drive, available up to 12000 Hp, is an award-winning medium-voltage drive combining innovation and dependability to deliver power, control and energy efficiency in a compact footprint.  The SC9000 EP medium-voltage VFD is designed for reliability even in harsh industrial environments including oil & gas, utility, mining and water and wastewater.

SC9000 EP medium-voltage variable frequency drive
Voltage Class
15 kV
up to 12000 Hp
Main Bus Rating
up to 3000 A

Core features

  • Certified to UL® 347A
  • Additional input and output voltages available up to 15 kV
  • Utilizes an inverter topology with a three-level neutral point clamp (NPC) for a low part count and high reliability
  • 24-pulse isolation transformer for IEEE 519 compliance
  • Fully-integrated design includes an isolation switch, power fuses and a main contactor eliminating the need for a remote feeder reducing capital investment.
  • Compact footprint that allows for use in small spaces
  • Roll-in/roll-out stab design inverter for convenience and time savings during inspections and maintenance
  • Full factory testing and burn-in utilizing medium-voltage motors — as opposed to load banks —in Eaton’s world-class motor room

EP means reliable, durable and easy to maintain

The encapsulated powerpole of the SC9000 EP variable frequency drive yields a high MTTF, even in severe environments such as wastewater, mining and oil & gas. Its patented environmental protection and three-level neutral point clamped (NPC) topology improves reliability and diminishes the need for repairs.

Burned in and tested to ensure top quality

Each SC9000 EP medium-voltage VFD receives a burn in test with full voltage and current for a duration of up to 24 hours while connected to a fully rated medium voltage motor.

Synchronous transfer to maximize efficiency

When the SC9000 EP variable frequency drive is outfitted with a Synchronous Transfer System it is able to perform a closed transition maximizing capital efficiency by operating multiple motors of varying Hp with one single drive. The incorporation of Ampgard motor control with the double bus design ensures superior performance.

Integrated control gear streamlines multi-configuration lineups

Compact and economical solution combining Eaton’s Ampgard main breaker and motor starters with the SC9000 medium-voltage drive across a common bus in a single high quality, integrated assembly. Entire assembly is available as arc-resistant.