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Non-Segregated Phase Bus Duct

Eaton’s non-segregated phase bus is an assembly of bus conductors with associated connections, joints, and insulating supports integrated within a single enclosure. The solution is designed for use on circuits which importance requires greater reliability than power cables provide.

Non-Segregated Phase Bus Duct
Continuous Current Rating
Up to 6000A
System Voltage Rating
Up to 38kV
Interrupting Rating
Up to 63kA

Core features

  • Reduce installation costs with a simplified design compared to traditional cabling solutions
  • Achieve an exact fit the first time with Eaton’s Final Field Fit Program
  • Maximize conductivity with a design that incorporates silver- or tin-plating on all joint surfaces
  • Support expected expansion when conductors are energized with flexible joints that are supplied in straight bus runs at 50 feet intervals
  • Minimize the risk of problems in harsh environments with a durable, baked-on epoxy powder coat finish

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Eaton’s busway enables smooth operations and new levels of data center flexibility

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Eaton’s comprehensive portfolio of busway solutions offers endless possibilities for meeting today’s ever-changing power requirements

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