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Rotary disconnects

Eaton's full-range of rotary disconnects offers a compact, economical, and high-quality choice for switching and isolation spanning a range from 16A - 1200A. The R5 Series of switches are UL 508 listed devices, suitable for use as motor disconnects. The R9 offering consists of UL 98 listed fusible and non-fusible products that may be used for service entrance, or anywhere a local means of disconnect is needed or required.

Rotary disconnects
Voltage class
Current ratings
16A – 1200A
Horsepower rated

Core features

  • Full range of UL508 and UL98 products, 600VAC max
  • Provide load break switching and isolation for machine and control circuits - R5 Series (UL508), 16A – 100A
  • Available in fusible and non-fusible styles providing quick-make, quick-break functionality for safety isolation of any low voltage circuit - R9 Series (UL98), 30A - 1200A
  • Broad offering of handles, shafts and accessories to accommodate a variety of applications
  • Horsepower rated
  • Available designs for manual transfer applications (16A – 1200A)

Switching device Flex Center

Eaton’s custom modification facility to meet unique product needs and specifications of the customer 

Switches portfolio

The industry’s broadest offering of safety switch product designs

Advancing personnel and equipment protection with safety switches

The evolution of safety switch technology and a growing emphasis on personnel protection

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