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Switching Devices Flex Center

Our Switching Device Flex Center can design and modify safety switches, enclosed circuit breakers and rotary disconnects for needs that are not met by standard products. Solutions can be custom designed for harsh environments, enhanced safety and convenience, and to meet the needs of specific applications.

Service that exceeds your expectations

• Over 120 years of design, manufacturing and industry experience
• Numerous options for various environments to increase reliability, safety and protection while reducing installation costs
• Dedicated support staff can respond quickly to customer requests with competitive lead times

When you need more than just “off the shelf”

  • Increase reliability in harsh environments
  • Enhance the safety of many power switching operations
  • Cut installation and operation time to allow your personnel to work on more important tasks

What are your unique needs?

The Flex Center has been meeting unique switching device needs since 1998. Learn how we can create solutions to meet your specific project requirements.

Eaton's flex center

Our flex center is a flexible manufacturing facility that caters to customers' unique requirements.