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OEM line isolation switches

Eaton’s OEM Line Isolation (OLI) switch provides an external disconnecting means for industrial control panels, allowing an operator to access the control panel without exposure to the line-side voltage. This results in enhanced safety and allows for reduced PPE, as well as improves worker dexterity and mobility.

Voltage class
600 VAC
Current ratings
Mechanically interlocks

Core features

  • Includes a mechanical interlock that prevents the switch and OEM cabinet from opening when the handle is in the ON position 
  • Includes gasketed side wall mounts to OEM cabinet, and oversized line shield (internal to switch), flange handle, and an optional voltage portal(s) 
  • Provides a custom flex shaft operator modified to work with safety switch
  • Offers a modified heavy-duty safety switch with NEMA¬ Type 12/3 and 4/4X enclosure options
  • Shows voltage indicators for line, load, or line and load side of switch (optional)

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