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5-15 kV Medium-voltage metal-enclosed load interrupter switchgear

Eaton’s MVS medium-voltage switchgear provides safe, reliable switching and fault protection. The metal enclosed assembly - consisting of a 5-15kV switch, bus and fuses - is designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of industries such as healthcare, data center, industrial, utility, mining and commercial. 

5-15 kV Medium-voltage metal-enclosed load interrupter switchgear
up to 15 kV
up to 1200 A
up to 63 kAIC

Core features

  • Available in stand-alone or line-ups, with indoor and outdoor configurations 

  • Meets or exceeds IEEE C37.20.3 for metal-enclosed switchgear 

  • Meets or exceeds NEMA SG5 and NEMA SG6

  • Quick-make, quick-break mechanism drives switch blades at high speed into either open or closed position   

  • Switches can be supplied with manual or electrical operating mechanisms and with or without primary fuses 

  • Can eliminate the need for protective clothing around the perimeter of electrical distribution equipment

  • Door interlocks ensure that the switch and fuse panels remain closed unless the switch is opened  

  • Viewing window provides clear, visible confirmation of disconnected switch contacts 

Powerful switch protection

With the ability to manually cut off the power supply to a certain area or equipment, MVS switches are ideal for applications such as transformer primaries, duplex switches and selector switches. They are available in both stand-alone or line-ups.

Exceptional interrupting capabilities

The quick-make, quick-break mechanism on the medium-voltage switch provides full-load current interrupting capability, while fuses deliver accurate, permanently calibrated short circuit detecting and interrupting capabilities.

Safety is our top priority

Eaton’s medium-voltage switch includes numerous safety features, including a high-impact viewing window that allows visibility of actual blade position, door interlocks, switch interlocks, and grounded metal barrier.

Mini-MVS offers 5 kV protection in a small footprint

Seismically qualified and just 26 inches wide, Eaton’s Mini-MVS switchgear is rated 200 amperes at 5 kV, making it ideal for use in power distribution, transformer primary connections and isolation applications requiring a stand-alone assembly, cable in/cable out terminations and manual operation.

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