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Unitized power centers

Eaton's Unitized power centers are self-contained metal-enclosed unit substations specially designed to supply and distribute low voltage power from medium-voltage lines in modern commercial and industrial systems. Unitized power centers are easily and conveniently applied throughout a distribution system at physical locations close to centers of load concentration, and distribution voltage is stepped down to the utilization voltage only at or near the areas of demand. They are ideal where considerations of equipment size, accessibility, maintainability, ease of installation, and overall economy are of utmost importance. 

Primary voltage
up to 15 kV
Transformer kVA
112.5 kVA - 1000 kVA

Core features

  • One-piece construction simplifies installation
  • The addition of unitized power centers to the system does not affect units serving original load areas, to easily accommodate future load growth
  • Front-only accessibility provides the ability for against-the-wall installations
  • Secondary output voltage may be adjusted to compensate for unusual load conditions without affecting the voltage setting of other apparatus in the system
  • Individual units located at or near their served loads allows for trouble to be more quickly isolated
  • Primary power is purchased from the utility at the lower primary power rates, resulting in operational cost savings throughout the life of the equipment
  • Options include: integrally mounted panelboard, IQ electronic meters, IQ Energy Sentinel, PONI accessory

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