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SAFEPATH in-building mass notification system

Eaton’s SAFEPATH system is a supervised in-building emergency communications system with 24 VDC battery backup. The multi-use system can function as a voice evacuation, mass notification, paging, and background music system per NFPA 72 combination systems.

SAFEPATH integrates with fire alarm systems and provides full control of building notification appliances such as loudspeakers and strobes. This single channel system is capable of delivering 40 watts of supervised high fidelity audio power and 2 amps of supervised 24 VDC synchronized strobe power. It’s unique supervision method allows for full system supervision even during background music.

Safepath SP40S voice evacuation system left side view
Audio Power
40 Watts
Speaker System
Strobe Power
2 amps of 24 VDC

Solutions available

  • SP40S voice evacuation system
  • SP40S-D - Meets DoD's UFC 10-minute time-out requirement
  • SPMNS: Complies with UL Standard 2572 for mass notification
  • ACU-8421: Integrates with WAVES mass notification system

    Multi-function communications system

    • Supervised emergency voice evacuation system
    • Integrates with fire alarm control panels
    • Interfaces with telephone system for general paging requirements
    • Functions as a background music (BGM) system
    • Night ringer or security alert connection

      Sleeping room applications

      When combined with audio boosters and Wheelock speakers, SAFEPATH meets both NFPA 72 (fire signaling) and NFPA 720 (CO signaling) low frequency tone requirements for sleeping areas.
      Approvals & Compliance
      SP40S: UL 864, UL 1711, UL 2017 (code 4), UL 864 (code 3) and the low frequency requirements of UL 464 (520 Hz); CSFM; MEA; NFPA 72, OSHA 1910.165, ADA Compliant; FCC Part 15

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