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Foreseer supports:

  • Dynamic one-line diagrams
  • True redundancy or high availability
  • Full graphics editing with web editor software
  • Onsite or offsite instructor lead training
  • Customizable customer care agreements for software, hardware or onsite engineering
  • Engineering, hardware, project management, driver development, custom graphics development, system architecture and contractor drawing packages, and turnkey installation
  • Polling and logging of all integrated systems, devices and parameters up to once per second
  • Vendor-neutral software with an extensive library of device drivers available
  • ModbusTCP or RTU, BACnet IP, OPC, LON, SNMP, proprietary protocols and others upon request
  • Dashboard, device, single line and floor plan webviews
  • Email alarm notifications and standard reports

Additional options

To fit an organization’s unique needs, Foreseer can be enhanced or expanded with several add-on hardware and software solutions, including: 

  • Data Acquisition Engine (DAE) brings information into the main Foreseer server from geographically or physically removed sites where local IT expertise may not exist
  • Universal Input Enclosure (UIE) integrates equipment and sensors in a flexible package, either wall mountable enclosure or rack mounted 2U footprint, to extend monitoring to remote locations or for equipment without communication options.
  • Sequence of Events Recorder is an advanced input status management system that captures changes of state with 1msec precision in the sequence they occur, enabling post disturbance root cause analysis
  • Manager of Managers (MOM) provides a powerful way to integrate data from multiple locations where each location is running its own Foreseer server 
  • Foreseer Channel Packs expand Foreseer systems 
  • Foreseer Server Redundancy provides the highest level of system reliability 
  • Foreseer Reporting Services consolidates complex data from a multitude of devices regardless of geography into easy-to-understand graphical reports for high-level strategic value
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