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Uptime is in the house! Eaton UPS services ensures ongoing availability for ColoHouse

ColoHouse provides clients with reliable, secure, carrier-neutral data center services designed to foster business continuity. The foundation of the company’s colocation model is to deliver quality, always-on infrastructure. Read how regularly scheduled preventive maintenance from Eaton enables ColoHouse to keep its power protection solution performing optimally at all times, which in turn translates to 100% uptime for customers.


Pledging to deliver continuous uptime to customers is no easy feat for ColoHouse, considering its location in storm-plagued Miami.
For more than a decade, the Eaton solution has prevented ColoHouse from experiencing a single interruption in power.

Challenge: Safeguarding critical equipment in the wake of incessant storm threats

ColoHouse’s dual Miami data centers power more than 10,000 critical servers for some 500 clients. Ensuring continuous uptime and high availability is no small feat, considering the city is constantly pummeled by lightning, hurricanes and electrical storms. The company required not only a high-quality power protection solution, but ongoing care and maintenance of that equipment. 

“We are running critical infrastructure for our clients, and a loss of power for even one second could be catastrophic."

Paul Bint, ColoHouse CEO and president

Solution: Engaging in regular preventive maintenance

ColoHouse’s data centers include Power Xpert 9395 UPSs, as well as multiple Eaton power distribution units (PDUs) and remote power panels (RPPs). Ongoing, optimal performance for the entire slew of power protection equipment is ensured through regular care and maintenance from Eaton field services

The colocation organization’s preventive maintenance (PM) schedule is split into three distinct parts, with battery cabinets inspected twice a year; comprehensive quarterly maintenance completed three times per year with the UPSs remaining operational; and one major annual maintenance when the UPSs are taken offline. 

“Having battery maintenance twice a year will show us if any cells are starting to go bad. And Eaton will recommend if there are any strings that need to be replaced.”

Paul Bint, ColoHouse CEO and president

During the annual service call — a complicated and highly critical procedure — the data center is placed on generator power to bypass the UPS system completely, allowing Eaton technicians to complete physical inspections, perform system checks, and rebalance and redistribute loads. Generally requiring an eight-hour span, the service could leave the facility vulnerable if every scenario is not carefully considered and all precautions taken. For that reason, an Eaton technician comes on site to lead a comprehensive safety and planning meeting with the entire ColoHouse team prior to each scheduled maintenance.

Above all else, ColoHouse values the peace of mind that comes from contracting for UPS service with the original equipment manufacturer. Not to mention the slew of additional benefits—such as the exceptional level of expertise and knowledge displayed by Eaton field technicians, which can be attributed in part to the company’s commitment to provide them with regular, ongoing training. Technicians also have access to the proprietary firmware and spare parts necessary to ensure optimal product care. 

“What I love about Eaton is the proactivity of everything they do. They let us know when it’s time to schedule a PM and always make sure they occur on time.”

Paul Bint, ColoHouse CEO and president

Results: With the Eaton solution, ColoHouse is now able to…

• Have confidence that its entire power protection solution will perform optimally at all times
• Replace aging batteries before they become a threat to downtime
• Ensure PDUs and RPPs remain up and running continuously
• Rest easy knowing Eaton keeps a constant pulse on its data center solution

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