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ATR and drop wire supports

When it comes to supporting pipe, tray, and other equipment with all threaded rod (ATR) or drop wire, Eaton offers a wide variety of fasteners and support options.

Whether you are suspending from a ceiling, beam, lathers channel, strut or purlin, Eaton can meet your need with time-saving solutions like the ones listed below.  

  • Rod to beam hangers
  • Z purlin hangers
  • Universal beam fasteners
  • Cable to Z purlin flange hangers
  • Z purlin flange hangers
  • Vertical flange hangers
  • Angle bracket fasteners
  • Offset bracket fasteners
  • Threaded rod hangers
  • Wedge hangers
  • Hanging components
  • Lathers channel fasteners
  • Rod and wire fasteners
  • Flange fasteners
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