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Characteristics Eaton Multipurpose Grease Test Methods
NLGI Grade 2 ASTM D217
Thickener Type  Li-Complex  
Color Blue Visual
Texture  Smooth  
Dropping Point, °C  274 ASTM D2265
Base Oil Viscosity, cSt @ 100°C 15.6 ASTM D445
Base Oil Viscosity, cSt @ 40°C 150 ASTM D445
Timken OK load, kg (lbs)  50 (110) ASTM D2509
Four Ball EP Load Wear Index, kgf 74 ASTM D2596
Four Ball EP Weld Point, kg  620 ASTM D2596
Four Ball Wear, scar diameter, mm  0.41 ASTM D2266
Fretting Wear, mg 5.1 ASTM D4170
Rust Test, rating Pass ASTM D1743
Copper Corrosion, rating  1A ASTM D4048
Wheel Bearing Leakage, grams  4.0 ASTM D4290
Bearing Life Performance, hours 140 ASTM D3527
Water Resistance at 80°C, % removed  3.9 ASTM D1264
Oil Separation, % loss  1.8 ASTM D1742
Low Temperature Torque @ -40°C, Nm 9.7 ASTM D4693
Elastomer Compatibility    ASTM D4289

ASM 3217/3B CR Type 70 hrs @ 100°C 


Volume Change, %


Hardness Change, Durometer-A, pts


ASM 3217/2B NBR-L Type 70 hrs @ 150°C 


Volume Change, % 


Hardness Change, Durometer-A, pts

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