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  • Eaton wiring devices
  • Power assemblies
    Eaton engineering services, integrated power assemblies, low voltage switchgear assemblies, medium voltage control assy (Ampgard), medium voltage fuses, medium voltage switchgear assemblies, MVS WLI switches and unitized power centers, network protectors, and unit substation transformers
  • Power management
    Automatic transfer switches. IQ metering, power factor correction, Power Xpert, PowerNet software, protective relays, and surge protection
  • Residential wholesale distributors
    AC Disconnects and power outlet panels, breakers and loadcenters, marina power and lighting, quicklag and industrial breakers, sockets and metering, and residential surge
  • UPS backup power and monitoring
    DC power, power conditioning, power distribution, power management, racks, services, and surge suppression

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